Works appearing on our homepage image slideshow are as follows, in order of appearance:

Darbar of Maharaja Bijai Singh of Jodhpur

Unknown. Darbar of Maharaja Bijai Singh of Jodhpur. Mid 18th century. Harvard Art Museums,


Soami 相阿弥. Landscape 山水図. Early 1500s. The Cleveland Museum of Art,

A Drunken Party

Probably Bukhara or Qazvin. A Drunken Party. Second half of the 16th century. Collection of Tom Maschler. Persian & Indian Paintings, by Francesca Galloway, New York, p. 12,

Garden of the Inept Administrator

Wen Zhengming. Garden of the Inept Administrator. 1551. The Metropolitan Museum of Art,

Squirrels in a Plane Tree

Abu'l Hasan and Mansur. Squirrels in a Plane Tree. 1610, India Office Library and Records, London.

Nomads Hunting with Falcons

Attributed to Chen Juzhong. Nomads Hunting with Falcons. Early 13th century. The Metropolitan Museum of Art,*&offset=20.

Birds at Baran

Possibly from the Babur-nama. Birds at Baran. Late 16th century. Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art,

Spring Dawn Over the Elixir Terrace