Asian Studies faculty maintain active and ongoing research projects. In this section, some of the current projects are introduced.

The North Korea project by Sonia Ryang is an anthropological inquiry into this closed society. Funded by the National Science Foundation (proposal #1357027), the project explores the possibility of understanding the cultural logic behind what appears to be, at first glance, bizarre and incomprehensible social relations existent in North Korea. Through this investigation, Ryang intends to contribute to the study of totalitarianism.

Funded by the Luce Foundation, the Ephemera Project has completed its process, currently finalizing the process of digital archiving. Consisting of an unprecedented number of collected visual materials, the Ephemera Project offers a rich digital library of public service images and commercial advertising images from early modern China and other parts of Asia.

The Houston Asian American Archive is an ongoing project housed at the Chao Center. Initiated by Tani Barlow and Anne Chao, with the help of the Woodson Research Center at the Fondren Library, HAAA has collected valuable oral history data of diverse Asian Americans in the Houston area.

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