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Updated July 2014

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This page will provide access to papers and presentations given by participants at the "Ephemera and Archive" meeting of The Ephemera Project. Presentation materials are organized by panel. We apologize in advance for the incomplete conference catalog.

KEY: Word - paper; PPT - PowerPoint; YouTube™ - presentation

Panel - General Theories and Problems

Ann Cvetkovich, "The Queer Art of the Counterarchive"     Word 
Betty Joseph, "Power/Memory and the Archive"    Word

Panel - Digital Archives and Ephemera Panel II

Geneva Henry, "The Digital Library and Information Technology"    PPT     YouTube™   
Namita Malhotra, "Video Ephemera and Digital Archives"    Word

Panel - Social Survey Data and Health Survey Data and Archives and Ephemera

Steven Klineberg - "Who Saves What? The Houston Survey and Technology Change"    PPT
Melissa Marschall - "What Happens to Election Returns and Records After the Contest is Over?"     PPT
Beverly Gor - "The Asian American Health Needs Assessment (AsANA) Project"    PPT     

Panel - Commerical, Military and Political Ephemera

Tani Barlow, "Advertising Ephemera and Chinese Commodities, 1890-1937"    PPT    YouTube™
Steve Lewis, "Rice's Ephemera Archive"    PPT    YouTube™
Jim Hevia, "Where did all the camels go [mules too]? Frontier Warfare, the Indian Army Commissariat, and 'wastage' (1878-1900)"     Word     PPT

Panel - Community Ephemera

Brian Riedel and Alex Barksdale, "Houston ARCH: A Case Study on Race and the Queer Archive"      Word    PPT    YouTube™
Manan Desai, "Digitzing the Diaspora: Building the South Asian American Digital Archive"     Word    YouTube™
Chen Jing, "Rethinking Textuality in the Digital Context"    PPT

Panel - Film and Music Ephemera

Kirstin Ostherr, "Medical Waste"     PPT
Sharmadip Basu, "Cultural History in a Minor Key: Music Ephemera and Social Life of Western Music in India"     Word   YouTube™

Panel - Art, Display and Ephemera

Yasufumi Nakamori, "Reconstructing a Catastrophe: Photographic Album of William Dana and Vera Hunt Reynolds (c. 1923)"
Stefan Landsberger, "Contextualizing Chinese Propaganda Posters"     PPT

Panel - Ephemera and Discipline

Helena Michie, "The Ephemeral Archive: George Scharf, Dinner Guest"     PPT
Alida Metcalf, "Maps as Ephemera"     Word     PPT    YouTube™
Carlos Monroy, "Not Too Ephemeral to Fail: Long-Term Preservation, From Scholarly Digital Collections to Video Games"     PPT