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Updated July 2014

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This page will provide access to papers and presentations given by participants at the "Ephemera: Current and Future" meeting of The Ephemera Project. Presentation materials are organized by panel. We apologize in advance for the incomplete conference catalog.

KEY: Word - Paper; PPT - PowerPoint; YouTube™ - Video Presentation

Panel - Genre and Ephemera

Nicole Huang, "Listening to Late Mao China: Voice as Ephemera"    YouTube™ 
Patricia Fumerton, "Systemized Destabilization: Re-Revisiting EBBA's Archiving of Ephemera Broadside Ballads"     YouTube™
Alida C. Metcalf, "Ephemera or Ephemeral? Reconstructing Missing Maps"
Steven Lewis, "Ephemeral Propaganda: Photographic Survey of Outdoor Visual Propaganda from Public Spaces in Chinese Cities, 1998 to 2012"

Panel - Republic(ation) China: Era and Ephemera

Anne Chao, "The Radicalization of Chen Duxin: A Path through Network Analysis"
Tani Barlow, "Ephemera, Industry, Imperialism"     
Wen-Huei Cheng, "The Database for Study of Modern Chinese Thought and Literature (1830-1930)"     
Yin-yee Leong, "Application of Statistical Residual Analysis to Art and Humanities: Using XIn Qing Nian as Example"     

Panel - Institutions and Environments for Ephemera Studies

Tara McPherson, "Animating the Archive"
Rob Banham, "Reading ephemera: Towards a New Academic Discipline"
Lisa Spiro, "The Social Life of Digital Ephemera"

Panel - Multimedia Ephemera

Calvin Hui, "Rubbish!"
Andong Lu, "The Tang Village: Transcribing Disappearance"     
Yurika Tamura, "Ephemera, Zen, and the Virtual in Deleuzian New Materialism"

Panel - Technical Transformation for Thinking

Derek Ruths, "Interpreting large textual and graphical corpora using crowd sourcing"
Ke Deng, "Concept Network: A Novel Approach to Present and Discover Knowledge"   
Jing Chen, "What Changed: Ephemera from Printing to Digital"     YouTube™