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Updated July 2014

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This page will provide access to papers and presentations given by participants at the "Defining Ephemera" meeting of The Ephemera Project. Presentation materials are organized by panel. We apologize in advance for the incomplete conference catalog.

KEY: PPT - PowerPoint; YouTube™ - Video Presentation

Panel - Defining Ephemera in MEMORY

Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, "Defining Loss: The Childish Poetics of Ephemera"     PPT     YouTube™
Zhuge Weidong, "Finding Domestic Products: Old Ads, Memory and Identity"    PPT    

Panel - Defining Ephemera in DIGITAL MEDIA

He Lin, "Digitalization of the Historical Ephemera: Digital Archives in Shanghai Library"    PPT    YouTube™
Chen Jing, "The Digital Archiving of Ephemera: Chinese Commercial Advertisement Archive"    PPT    YouTube™

Panel - Defining Ephemera in ART

Katie Hill, "Beyond the art object as 'cultural commodity': Cultural endurance, art and ephemera in contemporary China"    PPT    YouTube™
Christine Starkman, "'This is neither a canvas nor a painting': Drawings, Paintings, Objects, and Videos of Kim Beom, 1991-2010"     PPT    

Panel - Defining Ephemera in the CITY

Samuel Y. Liang, "The City as Built Ephemera: Arcades, Shop House, and the World Expo"    PPT    YouTube™
Farès el-dahdah, "The Consequences of Ephemera: Never to be Built Projects and the Ideas they Left Behind"    PPT    YouTube™

Panel - Defining Ephemera in SOCIAL LIFE

Anne Chao, "The Power of a Surname: The Gee Clan of Houston, Texas"    PPT    YouTube™
Aynne Kokas, "Defining Ephemera: Digital Ephemera in Social Media"    Prezi    YouTube™

Panel - Defining Ephemera in FILM

Andrew F. Jones, "The Fugitive Sounds of the Taiwanese Musical Cinema of the 1960s"    PPT    YouTube™