Houston Asian American Archive

The Houston Asian American Archive (HAAA) project is an on-going, open-ended project to collect oral histories and artifacts associated with Asian American histories in Houston.

Project Goal: The project began with the collection of oral history in the summer of 2010 by means of a summer internship program.  It has since been incorporated into the Rice University curriculum, and continues to grow with an expanding number of interviewees and the archiving of donated artifacts in the Woodson Research Center at the Fondren Library throughout the year.

The Houston Asian American Archive is designed to:

  • Understand how political, social and economic conditions in Houston shaped both immigrant and long-term resident experiences over the decades
  • Develop a chronology of work and entrepreneurship histories among Asian Americans in Houston
  • Detail the history of immigrant businesses and their growth
  • Document educational and skill training
  • Understand migration histories and expectations of living in Houston
  • Gain an understanding of the initial experience of newcomers – to explore the conditions of arrival, their encounter with native prejudice, interaction within neighborhoods, the formation of social organizations, involvement with religion, and their possible mobilization, facilitating and hindering various kinds of work
  • Elicit narratives about work and the organization of the workplace
  • Document salaries and wages, and relate them to patterns of consumption and social class positioning
  • Learn how immigrants attempt to influence or control their conditions of work, to better their economic status, and press for social and political change

Materials to collect include:

  • Personal histories of work
  • Corporation/business histories
  • History of labor laws and labor organizations
  • Pictures of work and Asian spaces
  • Job postings and advertisements

The Houston Asian American Archive collection is housed in Rice University’s Woodson Research Center:

HAAA Catalog
Easy access to HAAA audio files online


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