Undergraduate Asian Studies Internship Award (U-ASIA)  


The Chao Center for Asian Studies supports continuing Asian Studies majors pursuing internships. This support is made possible by a grant from the US Department of Education, Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages (UISFL) program {Grant ID #P016A 160003}.

  1. SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Funding, not to exceed $3,500, is available for up to five (5) Asian Studies majors for summer internships in any location in Asia. Recipients are required to submit a report or presentation at the beginning of the semester immediately following completion of the funded summer internship.
  2. FALL/SPRING INTERNSHIP: Funding, not to exceed $2,000, is available for up to five (5) Asian Studies majors for academic year internships at any organization or business related to, affiliated with, operated by, or inspired by Asia and/or Asian America in the Houston area.


Applications are accepted and awarded on a rolling basis.


Only Asian Studies majors, not in their final semester, are eligible to apply. Please note that, since the grant is from the federal government, the student-grantee must be a US citizen or permanent resident.


APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Submit the following to sonia.ryang@rice.edu.


1.     ONE PDF containing the following:

a.     A completed UISFL-funded Internship Program Information Sheet, available for download here.

b.     A one-page outline of your budget, including a list of other sources of funding for which you have applied or will apply

c.     An unofficial copy of your Rice University transcript

d.     A one- or two-page resume


Inquiries about U-ASIA can be directed to Dr. Sonia Ryang, sonia.ryang@rice.edu.

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