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The links below cover Rice departments related to Asian Studies, search engines, general Asia sites, university-affiliated Asia sites, country-specific sites, sites on Buddhism, and sites providing teaching resources.

Resource Links:

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Related Departments at Rice

Buddhism Sites

  China-Oriented Sites

        Asia-Related Sites with a Houston Connection


General Asia-Oriented Sites

            Helpful Search Engines

Taiwan-Oriented Sites

URLs provided by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston

General Information

The Economy


Government and Politics

Health Care

  • Center for Disease Control:
  • National Health Command Center:
  • The NationalHealth Research Institutes:
  • Taiwan Think Tank Blog:
  • Association of Clinical Research Professional:

        Newspapers and Periodicals

         Think Tanks


Teaching Sites

  • ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center):
  • Evaluation of Information Sources (Victoria Univ., New Zealand)
  • Guide to film and video resources on the net:
  • H-GRAD (info. for graduate students and aspiring graduate students):
  • Infolist for teachers:
  • List of educational journals:
  • Social studies resources:
  • Syllabus magazine (on multimedia resources):
  • Teaching Critical Evaluation Skills for World Wide Web Resources:
  • Teaching evaluation:
  • Testing:
  • UVA Teaching site:
  • Virtual classrooms:
  • Workshop on teaching and learning with the web (1994):
  • World Lecture Hall (university-based curriculum-oriented websites):
  • WWW virtual library:

University Asia Sites

A Few Other Asian Country-Specific Sites

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