Mitsubishi Undergraduate Research Award (MURA)


Through the generous support of the Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), the Chao Center for Asian Studies accepts applications for summer research projects conducted in Japan. The duration of stay in Japan should be between six and eight weeks. The maximum award amount is $5,000, and up to two awards will be made. Recipients are required to submit (i) a post-trip report by September 1 and (ii) a more comprehensive report of the project itself, upon completion, but no later than May 1 of the following year.


April 1


The MURA is open to all undergraduate students, in any major, not in their final semester. The project must be completed before the student graduates, and the research in Japan must constitute a major part of the entire project. While no Japanese language proficiency is required, preference may be given to applicants with some Japanese language proficiency. 

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Submit the following items to

  1. ONE PDF containing the following:
    1. A one-page description of your project, explaining how it will contribute to your academic and professional goals.
    2. A one-page itinerary of your travel/field research in Japan, detailing from arrival to departure, in addition to the evidence of viability of the travel plan including evidence of prior arrangement of data-gathering setting in Japan (such as institutional affiliation, community involvement, and professional contacts)
    3. A one-page outline of your budget, including a list of other sources of funding for which you have applied or will apply.
    4. An unofficial copy of your Rice University transcript
    5. A one- or two-page resume
  2. One letter of recommendation from a Rice University faculty member, addressing the intellectual merit and practicality of your proposal and commenting on your academic qualifications.



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