The Asian Studies program is benefited from expertise and dedication of Asian Studies faculty by affiliation. Located in each home department, faculty listed here regularly offer Asian Studies courses and/or courses that are counted toward Asian Studies credit. They also participate in research and outreach activities of the Center.

Yukiko Asano, Languages & Intercultural Communication  yukiko.asano@rice.edu
Maher Awad, Languages & Intercultural Communication awad@rice.edu
Lisa Balabanlilar, History balabanlilar@rice.edu
Tani E. Barlow, History tb5@rice.edu
Anne Chao, School of Humanities annechao@rice.edu
Divya Chaudhry, Languages & Intercultural Communication dchaudhry@rice.edu
Shih-Hui Chen, Shepherd School of Music shihhui@rice.edu
Krista Comer, English kcomer@rice.edu
David Cook, Religion dbcook@rice.edu
Brianne Donaldson, Asian Studies brianne.donaldson@rice.edu
Liang Fu, Languages & Intercultural Communication      liang.fu@rice.edu
Paul Hester, Visual & Dramatic Arts pablopix@rice.edu
Shih-Shan Susan Huang, Art History shih-shan.huang@rice.edu
Betty Joseph, English beejay@rice.edu
Han Sang Kim, Asian Studies han.sang.kim@rice.edu
Anne Klein, Religion ack@rice.edu
Jeffrey Kripal, Religion jjkripal@rice.edu
Steven Lewis, Baker Institute for Public Policy swlewis@rice.edu
Melissa Marschall, Political Science  marschal@rice.edu
Michael McCarty, Asian Studies michael.b.mccarty@rice.edu 
Naoko Ozaki, Languages & Intercultural Communication ozaki.naoko@rice.edu
William B. Parsons, Religion pars@rice.edu
Nanxiu Qian, School of Humanities nanxiuq@rice.edu
Sandeep Ray, Asian Studies rays@rice.edu
Sonia Ryang, School of Humanities                                sonia.ryang@rice.edu
Elora Shehabuddin, School of Humanities elora@rice.edu
Sayuri Guthrie Shimizu, History sayuri.guthrie.shimizu@rice.edu
Richard J. Smith, History smithrj@rice.edu
Jayoung Song, Languages & Intercultural Communication jayoung.song@rice.edu 
Pei-Ting Tsai, Languages & Intercultural Communication tsaipeiting@rice.edu
Kerry Ward, History kward@rice.edu
Kate White, Languages & Intercultural Communication alicia.k.white@rice.edu 
Meng Yeh, Languages & Intercultural Communication myeh@rice.edu
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